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   Paper & Financial Organizing


“My husband was a Civil Engineer and a Corporate Attorney, specializing in taxes. He fixed everything and did ALL the paper work – balanced checkbooks, paid bills, prepared and filed taxes for our personal and business ventures…Then sadly after 50 years of marriage, he passed away, but had left everything in order…until I had to take over…It was a total nightmare!

Then I met Kim, a life saver! After a short time, everything was back in order with attention to detail and all ongoing bookkeeping and bill pay set up through Quicken. Kim is wonderful to work with, always on time, efficient, and most important to me, a focus on confidentiality. Kim prepared everything for the CPA and they were very impressed. Recently I downsized to a smaller house and property. Kim is also great at organizing the kitchen, pantry, drawers, etc. 

Kim is very important in my life, as I need to keep working, traveling, writing checks and having fun!!"

Jan R. - Retired Business Owner

Office Organizing

"Thank you so much for the great work you did for Our Towns Habitat!  You made some really good observations and suggestions and followed through to execute the plans."  "Our field staff loves the ease with which they can find the materials in the organized storage area."

"You brought a high level of expertise and versatility to all the projects you undertook - whether it was...organizing and inventorying the materials or developing a sophisticated spreadsheet to track inventory and warranty repairs.  We really enjoyed the time you spent in our office and you have definitely made our job easier and our processes more efficient!"

Mary M.  - Our Towns Habitat for Humanity

Alexa Young, CA

  Photo Organizing


File the Pile has been helping me archive old family photos so that I can preserve them and share them with my children. I have wanted to do this for so long but just wouldn't devote the hours to scanning. I had old newspaper clippings that were yellowed and falling apart.

What FTP did for me was restore what could be restored, hunt down newspaper originals and catalog all my pictures. To look at these digitized pictures I have been able to see more detail, DECLUTTER and know that I can send my pictures to family with one click of a button. Worth every penny."

Christy G.

 Paper & Financial Organizing


“Kim is my go-to person for organizing my financial information, sorting through my papers and creating effective filing systems.  Kim took on the project of organizing my financial accounts.  She gathered and reviewed all the relevant papers and statements and efficiently organized the information into a concise one-page financial summary.  My information is no longer disorganized and located in several places.  


For every project, Kim takes the time to understand the client's wishes and always makes them her first priority.  I also trust Kim with my confidential information, which is so important to me.  I can tell that Kim truly enjoys what she does and that helping others to become organized is her passion.”

Norm O. - Retired Business Executive

 Recipe Organizing


So Grateful for You"


"Just wanted to say "thank you” for a job well done!  My elaborate collection of 1,100 recipes was so unorganized it made it nearly impossible to find what I needed, when I need it. Sure, I thought I would do it my self someday, but I never did and my recipe pile just kept getting bigger and bigger.  


I was so happy to have discovered File The Pile.  They painstakingly sorted through each and every recipe and organized them in a way in a way I never dreamed of.  Its exciting to plan and cook a meal now as all of my recipes are at my fingertips, hyper organized and protected. You are a joy to work with and so talented at what you do. I would highly recommend File The Pile to rid your life of all the piles that plaque your home or office."

Wendy M. 

  Paper Organizing & More

"I met Kim through my daughter.  She has helped me to sort a ton of pictures, organize a plethora of papers and tackle a lifetime collection of Christmas decorations.  I have purged items I no longer needed and have lots more room with bright new files and organized containers.  


As well as being super organized, she is punctual, kind and easy to be around.  She brought along basic sorting items to use until I could get my own (loved the great label maker). She taught me how to stay organized in the future and started me on a path of purging and organizing that I have happily continued.  It's given me a whole new outlook and gives me the ability to enjoy the things I used to dread most.  I highly recommend hiring Kim, you will be glad you did."

Elsie H.

  Paper Organizing

"Kim helped me organize a lot of papers I had piled up.  She sorted them into different piles and we went through to determined what needs to be kept, discarded, or scanned for digital filing.

It's hard to get motivated to do that yourself so it helps to have someone walking you through it.  

Highly Recommend!"

Susan Y.

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