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Paper Management

Paper, Paper, & more Paper!

  • Are you overwhelmed by the continuous streams of paper that pile up in your home or office?

  • Are you unable to find important papers when you need them?

  • Are you buried in piles of paper and don’t know where to start? 

File the Pile can help!

File the Pile will sort, declutter, and organize the papers in your home or business office, customizing the process and product solutions for your personal preferences.


Here’s how File the Pile will lead you to becoming free of paper clutter:

  • We’ll start with a simple survey to identify the items that need the most attention.

  • Utilizing a streamlined sorting process, we’ll quickly group similar items together and determine what papers to save, shred, or recycle.

  • Depending on your personal preference, we can guide you through transitioning from paper to electronic records by scanning documents.

  • We’ll create a simple filing methodology that is easy to maintain and is functional for you and your papers.


The newly established paper management system will effectively address the paper entering the home or office and keep you organized on an ongoing basis.  

Clear the Clutter, Clear Your Mind!

Examples of Papers We Can Organize:

  • Banking/Investment Statements

  • Bills / Billing Statements

  • Coupons

  • Family Records & Memorabilia

  • Health/Medical Records

  • Home Repair Records

  • House Records

  • Junk Mail

  • Magazines & Newspapers

  • Product Instructions/Warranties 

  • Receipts

  • Tax Return Records

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